Demo Released!

Hi all, 

Leak Elite is a turn based hacking game where to beat ("hack") a level ("server") you need to exploit its bug and make it crash.

The game is story rich and its narrative is based on actual events and chat logs from real hackers.

The demo lets you experience more than an hour of gameplay and it's entirely compatible with the full game (to be released before the end of the summer). This means that you'll not lose your progression when you'll get the full game.

Main features:

  • Hack up to 60 tricky servers.
  • At the beginning of each level you control only one unit that can just move. Acquire new abilities by downloading functions from the level and create your party by making copies of the initial unit.
  • Make your move analizing a preview of the next turn enemies' actions.
  • Hack your way into 5 networks avoiding being tracked by cybersecurity experts.
  • Experience a realistic hacking narrative entirely told via chat logs.

You can find more information here

And now...make it crash!


Leak Elite Demo 85 MB
Jul 01, 2020

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